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Slo Dogz

IAN BIG 5-100Logo of Slo Dogz13517639_1744387475843227_6720947553950818867_o

Slo Dogz is South African based producer Ian. His already distinguished sound is a creative development of his work as an individually accomplished producer and is drawn from his passion and journey for a deeper sound. Slo Dogz is one of the most exciting and invigorating new acts in the ever growing African house culture. Slo Dogz offers up the platform for the producer to fuse the deeper sounds his been excited by for years but until now didn’t have the opportunity to explore. Polished, powerful and party-minded, his sound very quickly caught the attention of Popular radio and influential blog sites immediately after launching their first single “Some Time”

You can thank his long-standing love of bass filled tasteful house music while growing up for this exciting meeting of musical minds ability in capturing stunning performances from collaborations. Soaring soulful deliveries marry perfectly with signature production touches, bringing together the agility of the two-step with and the gravity and resonance of deep house, dropping into an instantly addictive chorus hook.

Slo Dogz is looking ever forward to the possibility of sharing his exhilarating dance floor experience across the globe translating frequencies into any language, color or race.

DJ Residency:
Miami Sundays
Our House
South Africa



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